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I was released from the hospital just over a week ago. The goal of the doctors at the time was to stabilize my heart and prevent the ridiculously oversized blood clot in my leg from causing havoc elsewhere in my body.

Since my release I have been dealing with pain in my right leg and discomfort. I had hoped that since I was now on blood thinners that there would be a reduction in the swelling in my leg and maybe a corresponding drop in the pain I experience. Seems that is not to be. For now my leg cramps when it is not elevated. Not sure why but I do know it hurts. Definitely makes going to appointments interesting. My absolute favorite part of all of this is that I really am not sure what to expect. I have no idea if this is how my recovery should feel and nobody can tell me one way or another.

Today I picked up new hardware from the cardiologist – a holter monitor to wear for the next 24 hours. So here’s to new-to-me tech, new sensors and wires, a bit more data and maybe some more insight into my own health. Seems I didn’t know as much about that as I originally thought.

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