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One Day at a Time

I have been forced by recent events to look at things in a new light. I guess I should give a quick recap.

A few weeks ago I noticed a pain in my right leg – not the worst pain ever, just like I tweaked something. Shortly after, I noticed my leg was getting swollen. Very shortly after. Slept on it, just in case it was a fluke and I hoped it would be normal in the morning. It was not. I got an appointment with my primary care for later in the day and headed into work until then. Folks at work liked my half-skinny pants. As soon as my primary care saw the swollen leg and discoloration she sent me to the hospital. The folks at the ER agreed. I was fortunate to spend a week with them. So much for a quick appointment and back to work the next day.

I was diagnosed with an unprovoked, extensive deep vein thrombosis of the femoral vein in my right leg, several superficial vein thrombosis, multiple pulmonary emboli, AFib, and a heart rate upwards of 180bpm. This hit from out of the blue. I knew that I had knee issues and could stand to lose weight. I am still trying to process why it happened.

I am now on meds to control my heart rate, and blood thinner to help resolve the blood clot. My leg is still swollen and I struggle to walk without the aid of a walker. Even with the walker I can only make it about 20 steps right now. I am not sure how long it will take for this to resolve; just not fast. I now have a cardiologist and hematologist on my care team but I have realized how much more serious this really could have been.

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